Hackett and Bankwell Issue #2

In the second installment of Hackett and Bankwell’s story of intrigue and technology, we begin where we left off at the end of Episode 1. Jerome informs us that time is of the essence and that Woody needs to act quickly to teach Kaori and Calvin how to use Ubuntu Linux from the command line interface so they can understand the fundamentals necessary to start using more advanced software from the command line. Woody explains concepts related to the GNU/Linux file system, basic shell usage and syntax, and he even gets into using other GNU tools like ssh and wget.

Using some of the same strategies for making concepts mentally sticky and easy to remember, along with some new visual aids for communicating abstract concepts like file system navigation and shell syntax and usage, Hackett and Bankwell #2 is a great place to get acquainted with the Linux command line, by far the most powerful and useful aspect of Linux- and UNIX-based operating systems, and perhaps the area where non-technical users most commonly find themselves confused. If you’re new Linux, particularly the Linux command line interface, this episode will really help you get your head around a lot of the command line concepts.

Hackett and Bankwell