Hackett and Bankwell Issue #1

In this issue, we first learn that Woody and Jerome are embarking on an off-beat new adventure in their business empire. Journey with Woody to the desert and learn about Linux and key abbreviations as he trains the new team about the world of free and open source software. Meet Kaori Soto and Calvin Green, Woody’s new associates at Interplanetary Pictures. Kaori and Calvin are new to the world of Linux and Free and Open Source Software so Woody takes special care to explain to them some of the nuances that make Linux and FOSS so confusing to newcomers.

In this lesson, Woody Hackett teaches readers how to get the Ubuntu operating system installed and how to find and install useful free software once they’re up and running. This is a must-read for anyone who’s still getting acquainted with Linux culture and terminology; “Hackett and Bankwell” #1 explains a plethora of technical jargon in plain English and teaches the content in a way that makes it memorable and understandable.

Hackett and Bankwell