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Hackett and Bankwell follows the story of two business partners, Woody Hackett and Jerome Bankwell, as they acquire a movie studio and convert its IT infrastructure from proprietary software to Free- and Open Source Software (FOSS) solutions, starting with the installation of Ubuntu on office workstations. Learn along with the Interplanetary Pictures staff as Linux expert Woody Hackett immerses them in his world. While you get ramped up with Hackett, Jerome Bankwell negotiates business deals and runs intel services, keeping Mastersoft’s nefariousness at bay.

In these comics, you will learn:

Hackett and Bankwell #1

  • A brief history of UNIX
  • A brief history of GNU
  • A brief history of Linux
  • How to install Ubuntu Linux
  • How to find and install (free!) Linux software
  • How to get started with Linux as a Desktop Operating System
  • and More!

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Hackett and Bankwell #2

  • A definition and overview of the Linux shell
  • How to get started with the bash/dash shell
  • How to discover and install software packages in a Command-Line environment
  • How to use command line options and arguments
  • How to download web content from the command line
  • and More!

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